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I Ran an 8K!

I'm starting to get into running.

No one is more shocked than I am. I have been a lifelong why-would-you-run-when-you-can-walk, not-one-single-second-of-this-is-enjoyable, kind of person (proof). But somehow, a few months ago, in an attempt to better appreciate my body while pushing it a bit, I started walking with a bounce for a couple of miles, a couple of times a week, and calling it running. I love that it only takes half an hour, and it's kind of an anxiety killer (a big bonus).

But sadly, I strained a muscle badly a week and a half ago (not even running, I don't know how it happened!). I could barely walk to my train station last week and had to stay home from work. Then yesterday I (regrettably) ran a race with some friends (my first 8k race!), so I'm truly hurting more than I ever have before. It took me nearly 10 minutes to get my socks on this morning! Woof.

It's strange, after sitting it out a week now (well, except the race ;), I miss it. I want to be out there, running my 3-mile route in our neighborhood, past people walking their dogs and strolling with their families. While I'm not very good at it, and look silly doing it, I'm really enjoying trying something new and learning from Brian.

I'd love ANY running advice (What do you wear? Listen to? How do you track your running? Set goals? I have no idea what I'm doing and am all ears!)

Hoping for a speedy recovery! xo
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